Anyone in the market for a special vape pen is advised to try Yocan Magneto, a wax pen vaporizer renowned for its magnetism. Yocan Magneto is designed with a magnetic mouthpiece and loading tool for easier assemblage, sleek look and better vaping experience.

Read our Yocan Magneto review below to know more about its performance and unique features.

How it Works

How to load the Magneto:

●Pull out the mouthpiece.
●Remove the magnetic atomizer cap.
●Load your concentrate/wax on the tip of the atomizer cap.
●Snap the atomizer cap back on top of the atomizer.
●Snap the mouthpiece back into place.
●Turn the vaper on by applying 5 rapid pushes on the power button and voila!
●Push and hold down the power button as you draw from the mouthpiece.

Unlike most vape pens, your wax is loaded on the Yocan Magneto's atomizer cap rather than directly on the atomizer coil to allow for better heating. Also, for optimum vaping experience, please keep the Yocan Magneto pen vertical when operating to ensure the best heating.




Temperature Control

Although the actual temperature range is unspecified, the Yocan Magneto can reach moderately high temperatures. Therefore you are required to manually regulate the temperature by pressing and releasing the power button to achieve your preferred temperature.

Vapour Quality

The trick to getting the best vapour quality from the Yocan Magneto vape pen is to load small quantities of wax at a time. After which you will have to manually regulate the burn temperature to fine tune the vapor production. Excessive heat may create vapour with slight metallic taste which can be irritating to the throat.

Design / Manufacturing

The Yocan Magneto Vape Pen is a well crafted piece which complies with strict standards of quality craftsmanship. The Yocan Magneto's main design difference from other vape pens is that all of its component parts are snapped into place with strong magnets. For newbies to wax vaping, the Yocan Magneto is a user friendly apparatus with easy to understand systems.

Another key design note is the simplicity of its loading style which allows loading your Yocan Magneto oil on the atomizer cap rather than directly on the coil. However, this is also the one minus observed in the Yocan Magneto. Not all your wax is melted properly as the load isn't sitting directly on the heating coil. It is imagined that the next version of Yocan Magneto will have to improve on the burn mechanism to truly claim the foremost wax vape pen.


Battery Power

The Yocan Magneto comes with a 1100mAh ego-style 510 threaded battery. This, straight down, beats all other vape pens as most come with a standard 650mAh ego-style 510 battery. With this additional battery power, you will enjoy your draws for a longer period than users of most other vape pens. The Yocan Magneto battery can last several days of moderate use before needing a recharge.

You can charge the battery through the micro USB port on its side and a full charge can take up to 3 hours to complete. You don't have to disconnect the battery from the unit to charge it, as it can be plugged directly to the charging source.

User Friendly

Indeed, the Yocan Magneto is quite easy to use. It features a single button and only one temperature setting. It therefore requires no elaborate manual and even the most basic of newbies will find it user friendly at first try. This straightforward pack and dab setting provides an enjoyable experience as it eliminates any form of complexities.


The Yocan Magneto is very portable and can be slipped into the pocket for easy carriage. It weighs only 180 grams and measures 4.5cm x 14cm by 5.7cm. A perfectly convenient size for an on-the-go unit which can easily fit it into your pocket for an on and off vaping session without worries.

Also, it is easy to pack for travel as there is no need to carry additional accessories to load the chamber. It also includes a silicone pouch located under the battery for stashing extra concentrates for the road.


The Yocan Magneto can provide a memorable vaping experience as it is easy to use and requires no separate tools to vape with. Just unwrap the kit and enjoy your favorite Yocan Magneto oils.

The Yocan Magneto has a super cool exterior which gives it a sleek unassuming look. It is a magnificently built portable device for vaping wax concentrates without drawing undue attention in public spaces.

The manufacturer, however, needs to improve on the inefficient burn which often leaves poorly vapourized wax on the atomizer cap. The Yocan Magneto is a top of the bunch vape pen. It can further cement its position at the top by improving the burn system in its next version.