Why Switch From Smoking Tobacco Cigarette To Using Smokeless Tobacco

Turning A New Leaf!

By now everyone should know that tobacco smoking is actually, yes - actually dangerous to their health. Apart from the myriad of health problems that people could suffer from smoking tobacco the traditional way, there are also other issues that they have to contend with.

One issue they have to contend with is that of poor hygiene and this includes stained teeth, burned lips/fingers, a lingering tobacco smell and bad breath. Despite numerous campaigns by governments and health regulators, a large number of people still prefer to smoke tobacco cigarettes regardless of the dangers that they are exposed to.

The nicotine in tobacco is a very addictive chemical compound that is mostly responsible for their continued habit. Tobacco smokers keep on with their habit notwithstanding the health risks that they face. Nevertheless, there are now viable and healthier options available for tobacco smokers.

Tobacco smokers can switch from smoking tobacco the traditional way which involves the burning of dried tobacco to the vaping using a tobacco vaporizer which works by heating dried tobacco to a point where nicotine rich vapour is generated.

Vapers will still get the nicotine they crave from the vaporising of dried tobacco, but this will be without the associated health risks and personal hygiene concerns. Heat-not-burn or HNB devices provide users with smokeless cigarettes which will satisfy their taste for tobacco only without the baggage that comes with it.

A tobacco vaporizer is a device that allows users consume tobacco sticks in a safe and smokeless manner. They looks set to replace traditional cigarette smoking as the ideal form of consuming tobacco in the foreseeable future.

It is hoped by those who produce these HNB products that regular tobacco smokers turn a new leaf and switch from smoking tobacco cigarettes to using smokeless cigarettes vaping products.

What Are Smokeless Cigarettes?

Smokeless cigarettes are products that heat dried tobacco sticks (heat sticks) so that vapers (as they are called) can inhale the nicotine filled vapour produced as a result of the heating process.

The major difference between these products and regular tobacco cigarettes is that regular cigarettes involve the burning of tobacco and the generation of smoke while as the name suggests, smokeless cigarettes are smokeless devices which heat up tobacco sticks to generate vapour. Burnt tobacco produces carcinogenic tar and other harmful chemical compounds which can cause smokers serious health problems such as cancer.

Why Should People Switch To Using Smokeless Cigarettes?

People should switch to using smokeless cigarettes for the following reasons;

1. Smokeless cigarettes are a much healthier and safer options. As mentioned before conventional cigarette smoking involves the burning of tobacco which has been confirmed by the medical field as being extremely hazardous to your health.

Burnt cigarettes releases tar which can get in your lungs and cause severe bronchitis. With a smokeless cigarette device you do not have to worry about your health being compromised as you do not generate or inhale any smoke unlike cigarette smoking.

2. Users of HNB products will avoid a significant amount of carcinogenic chemicals that they would have been exposed to with the use of regular cigarettes. Carcinogenic compounds in cigarettes are known to be responsible for causing different forms of cancer.

These carcinogenic compounds are released in large amounts when burnt and your body will be the recipient of these cancer causing chemicals. On the other hand smokeless cigarettes only vaporize heat sticks which significantly reduces the volume of harmful carcinogens that vapers will be exposed to.

3. Smokeless cigarettes and HNB products by their nature will not burn your lips and fingers like tobacco cigarettes. The heating element of vaporizer devices is a heatsick which is hidden and users do not have easy access it. This is not the case with tobacco cigarettes which exposes your lips and fingers to hot burning tobacco that can leave you with burnt fingers and lips.

4. Your personal hygiene is improved as you don't have bad breath, stained teeth or an obnoxious tobacco smell. Vaping will not leave a nasty tobacco smell on your clothing. You will also be able to avoid having bad breath and tobacco stained teeth with vaporizer devices. Stained teeth and bad breath are typical problems faced by tobacco cigarette smokers.

5. Smokeless cigarettes and HNB products are usually lightweight, portable and battery powered devices. With smokeless cigarettes you have a discreet and easy to carry device. It can easily be placed in a handbag or in your pocket without attracting any unnecessary attention. Tobacco cigarettes smokers are becoming a rare breed in public space as most public areas restrict tobacco cigarette smoking because of the dangers of secondary smoke to the health of the general public.

In Closing

Tobacco cigarette smoking is an unhealthy way of getting your nicotine fix. Apart from the myriad of health problems users are exposed to. There are other personal and social issues that make it unacceptable in this day and age. On the other hand there I'd a growing trend in the use of vaporizer products as the new “cigarette” only that it is smokeless and a much healthier option.