There is one component that is absolutely essential for every wax concentrate vaporizer. Without this component the vaporizer would be rendered worthless, this component is the wax pen coil. The wax pen coil has a simple design in its general appearance and comes in a spherical shape.
What is most impressive about this part of an average wax concentrate vaporizer is that it acts as the heating element that will heat up the wax concentrate vaping material.

How Wax Pen Coil Works
The wax pen coil is a conducting material and it produces heat by using electricity generated by the vaporizer unit's battery. The coil also heats up in accordance with the required temperature to ensure that the vaping material is vaporized properly and not burnt to a crisp. The wax pen coil also strongly determines vapour production as well as the rate of consumption of the generated vapour.

Pick Your Coil!
The conventional wax vaporizer coil is made from stainless steel which is then coated in either quartz or ceramic. The stainless steel is a conducting material and this is what conducts the heat needed to vaporise your preferred vaping material. The quartz or ceramic act as insulating material to ensure that the heat is directed only at the wax coil and wax concentrate and not on the entire dab tank itself. The wax coil can also come in pure titanium rather than stainless steel.

Above are three basic types of materials used in making the coil of a wax concentrate vaporizer. These three materials have their own specific characteristics, pros and cons. There is really no good or bad coil, it all depends on the user and purpose of use. With each coil having their own strong points and comparative weaknesses. The coils under review include titanium, quartz and ceramic wax coils. Check out their key characteristics and what makes them unique.

Tough, High Conducting Titanium Coil

titanium coil

The titanium based wax pen coil will withstand a large amount of wear and tear. Titanium is a very tough material and will also conduct heat pretty quickly. This type of coil is especially good for users that carry the vaporizer pens on regular outings, as it is durable and tough. For anyone looking to engage in a quick hit, then titanium based vaporizers would come in handy.

However, the flavour produced by this type of vaporizer may not be the most ideal and because it conducts heat quickly, users will have to ensure that their temperature setting is accurate for the vaporization of the wax concentrate or they will easily be burnt.

Temperature Resistant Quartz Coil

quartz coil

Quartz can withstand very high temperatures and will attain pretty high temperatures in quick time. It is also believed that quartz based coils will improve the taste of the wax concentrate and vaporiser using this type of coil usually come with a 10 second pre-heat time. One negative thing about quartz though is that it does not retain heat for long periods of time, this is unlike titanium based coils that retain heat for a considerable period of time and do not require reheating that often.

For quartz you will have to reheat as many times as is required, this also puts a question mark on its durability as it is not as durable as the titanium based wax pen coil. Certainly not the best type of coil for vaporizer pens that are going to be used outdoors most of the time.

Better Vaping Flavour Ceramic Coil

dual ceramic coil

donut ceramic coil

The food grade ceramic wax pen coil is an ideal component for wax concentrate vaporizer pens. They can withstand high temperatures and retain heat for long periods of time. They are certainly good for pens that will be used often on-the-go. Another benefit of using pens with this type of coil is that they generate very smooth, smoke-free and pleasantly tasting vapour.

However, in terms of its heating time it is not as quick as the titanium or quartz based wax pen coil and takes a longer time to heat up, if you need to use your vaporizer pen quickly to get some hits, then you might be slightly disappointed when using ceramic based wax vaporizer pens. They are certainly not for quick hitters, but offer much better flavours than wax vaping pens using the other two types of coils.

In Closing

All three coils have their benefits and comparative flaws as well. Whichever wax concentrate vaporizer you decide to buy today, your choice of the coil the vaporizer will use should be dependent on your basic vaping requirements. If you want a quick heating vaporizer with the heat lasting for a pretty long duration for you to experience more hits, you can try out wax concentrate vaporizers with titanium based coils.
Where you want a better tasting vapour and you don't mind the the speed at which the vape pen heats up, then a ceramic vaporizer pen should be perfect for you. Vaporizers with quartz coils have the best of both worlds, the coils heats up quickly and offers a smooth tasting vapour. However, it is not as durable as the other two types of coils.