Smoking Pipe Tobacco 101
No one really likes comparing products, but just to satisfy the curiosity of electronic smoking pipe tobacco enthusiasts out there - this article will attempt to compare two hugely popular and greatly demanded electronic smoking pipe tobacco for beginners. However, before such a comparison is done each product will be highlighted with a brief description comprising of the major features and specifications of the products. This is necessary to ensure that you all have a basic product knowledge as well as what you stand to gain from buying these durable tobacco smoking pipe units.

Price: This product costs $50.79.

smoking pipe tobacco for beginners

durable tobacco smoking pipe

The image of a pipe smoking gentleman from the ‘60s is making a huge comeback this spring with the Anlerr Holmes electronic smoking pipe tobacco device. This product comes in the all too familiar tobacco pipe shape, but it is a vaporizer that is lightweight and portable as well. Anlerr Holmes is an electronic pipe shaped vaporizer with a 1100 mAh large battery that gives vapers the opportunity of vaping on the coolest smoking pipe tobacco for quite a long period of time.

This highly durable tobacco smoking pipe has some exciting features such as a strong ceramic heating chamber to give vapers a big vapor and pure taste when they vape. There is also a memory function which helps to regulate the temperature of this smoking pipe tobacco device. Anlerr Holmes is a Non-combustion bake herb vaporizer and not the classic tobacco pipe that burns the tobacco herb. Users can vape in a clear manner as this product has an Isolate airflow technology. This is one of the coolest smoking pipe tobacco electronic devices around. It is discreet, lightweight, portable and comes with a nice design.

Important Specs
  • This device is made from eco-friendly and durable PPS+PC material.
  • You can use this good smoking pipe tobacco for 6 to 8 times once it is fully charged.
  • It comes with a 3.7v, 1100 mAh liyuan battery.
  • The safety power duration is 5 minutes.
  • The charging duration is between 1 and 1.5 hours.
  • It is FPC heat resistant with a maximum power rating of 0.6Ω and 30W.
  • The unit has a ceramic heating chamber.
What To Expect In The Package Of This Smoking Pipe Tobacco Device
  • One Anlerr Holmes unit
  • One liyuan 1100 mAh battery
  • A single USB charger
  • One cleaning soft bristle brush
  • A single dab tool
  • A user manual

coolest smoking pipe tobacco

Price: You can get this smoking pipe tobacco device by Seego for $46.35.

good smoking pipe tobacco

dry herb vaporizer pipe

The Seego SG-001 smoking pipe tobacco unit is one of the most sort after vaporizers around. It comes with a massive 18650 mAh battery which is sold independently. The metal ceramic chamber can withstand heat up to 220 degrees Celsius and it is designed in a convection style that comes with a total of 13 inlet holes. With the Seego SG-001 you have an infrared tech which ensures that your vaporize pipe is hygienic and clear at all times. You also have a neat design that allows you to install the battery in reverse, this devices also comes with a short circuit protection safety feature as well.

Vapers can be assured of a smooth vapour production when they use this device. The design of this pipe comes with a Metal Ceramic Heater (MCH) and as mentioned before a Convection structure. Dry herbs are vaporized without burning, giving an even fragrance all through the vaping process and free from any burnt taste. You can get this product in two colors - Black or Red and it comes in a dimension of 206 x 127 x 50mm.

The Accessories In A Package
    • A single multi wall charger
    • One soft bristle cleaning brush
    • One scoop
    • A single clear dry herb container unit
    • A user manual
    • A single gift box with an EVA foam
    • A single SG-001 e pipe
    • One SG-001 drip tip
    • A short soft bristle cleaning brush

smoking pipe tobacco for beginners

Now that you know more about these two dry herb vaporizer pipe devices, you will better appreciate their merits and demerits. Check out the key comparisons below.

Longer Battery Life Equals More Vaping Time
For the Anlerr Holmes vaporizer pipe you have a large battery of 1100 mAh which allows users to vape 6 to 8 times once the battery is fully charged. This is quite good, but this is nothing when compared to the Seego SG-001 which comes with an even larger 18650 mAh battery. With the Seego SG-001 you have a much longer vaping time. So for the smoking pipe tobacco vaporizer device with the best battery life - the Seego SG-001 Convection Pipe gets the big nod.

Buy Your Own Battery!
Hold on now! Even though Seego SG-001 is a good smoking pipe tobacco with a large and strong battery. Unfortunately the battery does not come in the standard package. Vapers will have to buy the 18650 mAh battery separately if they get the Seego SG-001 electronic vaporizer pipe. However, this is not the case with the Anlerr Holmes electronic vaporizer pipe which has a liyuan brand 1100 mAh battery that comes in the standard package.

Looking For A Quick Vape?
The battery of Anlerr Holmes dry herb vaporizer pipe charges fully after just 1 to 1.5 hours, but the Seego SG-001 battery takes a much longer time to fully charge. So for a quick vape you can rely on the Anlerr Holmes electronic pipe. Although the Seego SG-001 gives you a much longer duration for vaping once fully charged.

Pricey Or Not!
Anlerr Homles electronic smoking pipe tobacco unit is more expensive than the Seego SG-001 electronic pipe. The former costs $50.79 while the latter is priced at $46.35. However, if you take the cost of the Seego SG-001 battery into account, the Anlerr may prove to be cheaper in the long-run especially as a smoking pipe tobacco for beginners vaporizer device.