The Best Temperature To Vape Weed

Heat Releases Psychoactive Compounds In Cannabis

In trying to answer the question of what is the best temperature to vape weed, it is important to noted that the psychoactive compounds that are present in cannabis are released more freely during vaping than when cannabis is smoked. The major reason for this is that vaping involves the heating of the herb to a point where it does not burn, but rather vaporises to release the psychoactive compounds in the cannabis.

It is quite different when cannabis is smoked because smoking involves the combustion of the herb which generates toxins and carcinogenic compounds. The common denominator in both smoking and vaping of cannabis is the generation of heat. The difference between smoking and vaping cannabis is in the control and regulation of the heat produced.

Vaping Regulates The Volume Of Psychoactive Compounds Released

With smoking the heat is not regulated, but with vaping the heat can be controlled and regulated. The regulation of your vaporizer temperature will determine the volume of the psychoactive compounds that are released or lost during vaping. During vaping the cannabinoids in the cannabis tend to boil or sublimate, this is necessary as it makes it easy for you to inhale the compounds.

While this is also achieved during smoking, the problem lies with heat generated which is extremely high and eventually a large percentage of the cannabinoids are lost to combustion. Knowing the amount of heat needed to release the cannabinoids and having control of this heat allows you to vary the volume of psychoactive compounds you inhale and as a consequence, regulate the overall effects of the cannabinoids to your general state of being.

THC Boiling Point

To know the best temperature to vape weed it is important that you ar aware of the boiling point of THC. THC is a cannabinoid compound in cannabis and it has the lowest boiling point of the cannabinoids present in cannabis. The boiling point of THC is 315°F or 157°C, it is at this minimum vaporizer temperature that you will begin to feel the effects of the cannabis. With your vaporizer regulated tot just about this THC boiling point temperature, you will experience a light to moderate “high”.

If you have a low tolerance to weed or you are new to the world of weed vaping, this should be ideal for you. What you should also know is that the THC boiling point is best temperature to vape weed if you want to enjoy the flavor of cannabis. This is because at the THC boiling point flavonoids and terpenoids are released. These compounds are behind the scents and flavors that you get from cannabis. If you try several hits or puffs at this temperature you are likely to move from light/moderate to a “cloud 9 high”.

THCV And CBD Boiling Point

The combustion point of cannabis starts from 450°F or 230°C up to 550°F or 290°C. However, there is a cannabinoid in cannabis called TCHV which is known to have the highest boiling point. The TCHV vaporisation point starts from 428°F or 220°C and peaks at 465°F or 240°C. For the boiling point range of CBD you have between 320°F or 160°C and 355°F or 180°C.

The actual vaporisation temperature for CBD is dependent on the volume of moisture in the cannabis as well as its strain. As you may have observed CBD vaporises at just about the same temperature range as THC. It therefore becomes a bit difficult to tell if you are experiencing a “CBD high” or a “THC high” just by the temperature setting alone.

To be able to know the best temperature to vape weed to achieve a specific “high” you will need to select a strain of cannabis that possesses more of either the THC or CBD cannabinoid depending on which of the cannabinoids you intend experiencing. However, if you want to release CBD for medicinal purpose like in the treatment of nausea, it would be ideal for you to increase the temperature of your vaporizer to about 355°F or 180°C in order to have it released.

Cannabis Temperature Ranges Vs Level Of “High”

The best temperature to vape weed can be summarised by the following temperature ranges to heat cannabis vs the type of “high” you are likely to derive from vaping at the various temperature ranges.

●Any temperature below 320°F or 160°C will release some cannabis flavors, but is too low for users to experience a cannabinoid “high”.

●Any temperature between 320°F and 345°F or 160°C and 174°C will release a vapor that has flavors as well as THC and CBD. This is actually the best temperature to vape weed for a “light to moderate high”.

●Temperatures between 345°F and 390°F or 174°C and 199°C will give users a “deep high”. If you are an experienced cannabis vaper then this may be the best temperature to vape weed since you have built a high tolerance level over time.

●You will achieve a “sedative high” by releasing CBG and TCHV when cannabis is heated at temperatures between 390°F and 465°F or 199°C and 240°C. This is also for experienced cannabis vapers wishing to push it to the limit.

●Any temperature over 465°F or 240°C will lead to combustion of the cannabis and the loss of the cannabinoids.

In Closing

The best temperature to vape weed to achieve a “light to moderate high” is between 320°F and 345°F or 160°C and 174°C. If you are a newbie to cannabis vaping it is advisable that you stick to this range. For more experienced cannabis vapers the best temperature to vape weed is 345°F and 390°F or 174°C and 199°C because of your high tolerance level. If you want to vape weed for medicinal purposes, then regulating your vaporizer to 355°F or 180°C is the best temperature to vape weed as an anti-nausea remedy.