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Looking like the handle of a handgun is the S6 herbal vaporizer. This classy and stylish dry blend vaporizer pen has an elegant design with a 360 degree rotation mouthpiece. The texture of this dry vaporizer is good to touch and gives vapers a decent grip when in use. This is a bottom fill dry chamber vaporizer made from pure ceramic with a high heat resistance.

The tolerable temperature range of this dry blend vaporizer pen is between 300 to 435°F or 149 to 224°C. You also have a Li-battery with a 2200 mAh capacity, in this dry leaf vape pen ODM and OEM are Welcome. S6 herbal vaporizer has a dimension of 91.2 x 45 x 24.5mm making it both discrete and portable. When you use this rechargeable dry vaporizer the heating time to vaporize your preferred dry herb is between 20 and 25 seconds.

Vapers can look forward to a stylish and mechanically sleek structural design. This vaporizer has an OLED screen and precise inner structures with a pure ceramic air way path. Any vaper can buy this dry chamber vaporizer online or in a vape shop for just $61.25.

dry chamber vaporizer  

When you buy a pack you can expect to find the following items inside:

-One S6 herbal vaporizer unit.
-A single dab tool.
-One soft textured cleaning brush.
-One USB charger.
-A User Manual.
-One Box.

S6 Herbal Vaporizer Changing The Way You Vape
This dry leaf vape pen is set to change the way vapers go about vaping. It is lightweight and can easily be moved about without being noticed. This is ideal if you want to vape at a convenient time when on-the-go. With a mouthpiece that can be rotated at a 360 degree, using this device is easier than some other similar vaporizer. You don't have to set the mouthpiece at a precise angle, just insert it and use. This is great when you are in a dimly lit room. Dry herb vape has never been so easy with the S6 herbal vaporizer.

Speedy Vaporization
When you have to use this vaporizer dry herb vape device especially when in transit. The dry herb you put in the chamber will be vaporized in less than 25 seconds. That's right! You get to taste that sweet vapour in a short period of time which of course is also great when you don't have a means of charging your dry herb vaporizer when you are outdoors.

Charge Anywhere At Anytime
S6 herbal vaporizer comes with a durable 2200 mAh capacity battery as well as a USB charger that allows you to charge your unit from your a wall out using an adapter or from your desktop. If you have to go outside and need to charge your dry leaf vape pen while outdoors, you can charge the vaporizer dry herb vape from your laptop or car. Charging this device fully will take less than two hours and you can also use this vaporizer dry herb vape device while charging as well.
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A Portable Pen Vaporizer Dry Herb Device
This is a portable pen vaporizer dry herb unit with a dimension of 91.2 x 45 x 24.5mm. You can easily carry this vaporizer kit about without any inconvenience. It can be put in your pocket or hand bag as it's a lightweight vaporizer. Take this dry type vaporizer kit with you wherever you go and vape at your own convenience.

A Unique Dry Type Vaporizer Kit
S6 herbal vaporizer has an innovative and practical design comprising of a bottom fill pure ceramic heat chamber. This allows vapers to refill the chamber with dry herbs quickly and conveniently. Most vaporizer kits use the top fill system, but this vaporizer allows you to fill the chamber like loading a handgun. The unique functional design of this dry vape e cig is sure to make your vaping quick and convenient. What makes this bottom fill system even better is the pure ceramic air way path. There is no heat emission on the outside of this dry vape e cig so you don't have to worry about the handling a hot device when vaporization takes place.
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In Conclusion
There are a lot of reasons why vapers should go for the S6 herbal vaporizer. The quick charging time as well as the versatility of charging makes this a vaporizer dry herb vape device of choice by regular vapers from around the world. At $61.25 this dry herb vaporizer is inexpensive considering the sheer number of incredible features on offer. The battery life when fully charged will allow you have a minimum of 12 hits with each vaporizer process taking just 20 to 25 seconds. Users of this vaporizer with a sleek, stylish design will appreciate it's comfortable grip handling and 360 degree mouthpiece rotation during the dry herb vape process.