Places You Never Thought Legal Weed Was Possible

If you are a frequent traveller and you are wondering where on God's green earth is smoking weed possible? Well, you might want to stick around to find out where you can conveniently smoke your weed with little or no fuss. You might be pleasantly shocked in the process as well. Most of us already know that legal weed is available in some states of the United States of America.

However, the age old question of where is weed legal in the US is still asked by many people. Surely, you don't want to light your pipe anywhere near the heart of Georgia while driving through interstate 75. If you do, your immediate future itinerary might include; precincts, courthouses and troopers. Why is this so for states like Georgia?

For much of the modern history of public safety regulations and law enforcement, marijuana (and all variants of cannabis) were considered criminal worldwide. In fact, under the Controlled Substances Act 1970, a Federal US drug policy, weed is classified as a schedule 1 drug. Therefore, smoking or any form of consumption of weed, or possession thereof of such substance, in any quantity, is considered a punishable offense.

Where Is Weed Legal In The US

Legal weed is available in 46 of the 50 states of the U.S. However, most of these states allow for medical purposes only. With a doctor's recommendation, medical usage of weed is legal in 29 states, the District of Columbia and the U.S territories of Puerto Rico and Guam. Additionally, 17 other states have laws that limit the THC content of cannabis based drugs applicable only for medical purposes and available only upon doctor's prescription.

If you want to fire up your pipe freely and without hindrance in America, there are ten states where legal weed is currently permissible for recreational purposes. Legal weed is allowed in Alaska, California, Vermont, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Washington State and the District of Columbia. Possession of up to 28 grams is allowed for personal use in eight of the above states and the DC area while up to 70 grams is allowed in Maine.

Countries Where Weed Is Legal

As public opinion and public policy continue to evolve towards legal weed in many states of the United States of America, so also has the positive wind been blowing internationally. While cannabis remains illegal federally thus keeping the U.S from making the list of countries where weed is legal, many other countries have made considerable progress since the 1970s! Here is a list of countries around the world where cannabis is legal/permissible for medicinal, or recreational purposes:

●Spain - sale of weed remains illegal in this country however personal use and possession is overlooked. There are around 800 “clubs" where legal weed is available to citizens only.

●Portugal - sale and commercial growing of weed is illegal. However, use of all drugs is decriminalised.

●Uruguay - legal weed is allowed for all adults who are up to 18 years and above however, you must be registered with the government to possess any quantity of weed.

●Estonia - although decriminalised, weed remains illegal in this country. However, possession of not more than 7.5 grams of weed is overlooked by the authorities.

●Ecuador - legal weed is allowed by law and possession of up to 10 grams is permissible for personal use.

●Jamaica - a no-brainer, right? Wrong! Despite the popular association of Jamaica with cannabis by most people, weed was only recently decriminalised by the government. Medical use and possession of small quantities is allowed for adults while unlimited use is granted Rastafarians on religious grounds. Also, the government is currently reviewing ways to cash in on regulating the recently legalised item.

●Switzerland - legal weed is allowed for adults and possession of limited quantities is permissible.

●North Korea - the land of the horribly bad haired leader has incoherent laws concerning weed. The plant is heavily grown in the rural areas and the authorities look away from users, sellers and growers so it is considerably safe to smoke some pot on your next trip to Pyongyang.

●Netherlands - the country where everything is legalised actually considers weed illegal for sales, growing or even smoking in public! However the country is littered with hundreds of “coffee shops" where legal weed use by citizens (i.e. de jure, actually anybody de facto) is second nature.

Other countries where weed is legal for recreational/medicinal use include the list below:
●Czech Republic
●Costa Rica

It is expected that global legal weed use will become a reality at some point in the not too distant future (fingers crossed) as more and more countries decriminalise cannabis. This is the first step towards the eventual legalization of weed use for both medicinal and recreational use. Once governments of countries say that weed use to a certain extent is not illegal, it triggers the desire and need for amendments to policies and laws to accommodate even more freedom of use. Decriminalization of cannabis use is the ice breaker that should lead to to a international weed revolution!