Cbd vape pen vaporizer   

Description: Nero Mini vaporizer is a classy and elegant looking cbd vape pen vaporizer that will definitely set you on the path of fun vaping sessions.

The design of Nero Mini vaporizer is particularly unique and that is what makes it stand out and be ranked among the best. Its design features will allow you to have a pure and clean vapor taste that you will not want to miss. It surely follows that trend of portability with a good feel of sleekness and compact design that feels excellent in the hand.
So if you are looking for a good cannabis oil vaporizer, then Nero Mini vaporizer is the ultimate vaporizer for you.

  • Fast heating technology – the vaporizer has a good heat capability that heats up the materials in the chamber in just less than 10 seconds. It’s pretty cool, right?
  • Cbd vape pen rechargeable battery – Nero Mini vaporizer comes with a 650mah Battery that offers long hours for use and you will not be worried about it going off while you are enjoying your vaping. The Cbd vaporizer battery charges quickly and you can use it for multiple vape sessions until you get to recharge it again.
  • Cell atomizer – the Ccell atomizer works perfectly by ensuring that the taste of the vapor is appealing. The atomizer has a size of 0.5ml and which is ceramic built.
  • Elegant design- the design of this vaporizer is seamless and catchy and you will not resist it.
  • Voltage functionality – the vaporizer comes with three voltage preset functions that you can choose from while vaping. The voltage levels include 3.2V, 3.7V and 4.2V.
  • Compact Oil chamber – the oil chamber is easily accessible and allows for the disposable vape pen cbd oil to be removed and replaced. The cbd vape pens disposable tank can be removed and be replaced with a new one.
Nero Mini Vape cbd pen comes in a small and discreet design that makes it a very portable device.  It also comes with 510 threading magnets in its well-built magnetic connector. If you are the one mesmerized by colors, then you are sorted. The Nero Mini vaporizer comes in different colors and you can choose from blue, black, green, red or silver. The design, in general, allows the different parts of the vaporizer to be easily removed and returned back to their respective positions. Its general interface is also very easy for a user to understand making Nero Mini vaporizer one of the easiest to use vaporizers in the market. Despite it being small, its functionality and versatility are not affected in any way.
Cbd vaporizer cartridge

Nero Mini vaporizer has a pretty easy user interface and it is easy to use. To turn the vaporizer on, you will need to press the power button 5 times in quick succession. In case you want to choose the voltage setting you are comfortable with, then you will have to press again the power button in three quick successions. To activate the low voltage preheat function, then you will press the power button twice in rapid succession.

To be sure it is functioning then you will notice the light coming from the LED work indicating lamp. Each of the voltage levels is indicated clearly and each has its own displaying color. A new Nero Mini vaporizer will require you to charge for at least 3 hours before using it for the first time to enable the battery last longer. The Cbd vaporizer cartridge is easy to use and you can have it replaced if it is not functioning well.
Cbd vaporizer pen starter kit

The Nero Mini Cbd vape pen kit comes with a full package of several accessories that you will use while vaping. These include; Battery, Ccell tank, Connector USB charge line, 1Box and a manual. Ensure that before you purchase that Cbd vaporizer pen starter kit is complete and should it not be, request for another one.
Cbd vaporizer battery

Vapor production
The Nero Mini vaporizer gives out very high-quality vapes consistently. To achieve good results then you need to have very good oil vaping material. For such a small device, it gives nice hits that produce smooth clouds of vapes and you can feel them at the back of your throat. Cbd vaporizer pen produces dense vapor as you increase the voltage level.

This Cbd vape pen overall performance is great and you will not have any regrets with this vaporizer. It works non-stop with fewer interruptions unless the battery is low. So get yourself this vaporizer and enjoy some nice vaping time with friends and family.