Keto Review:An Upgrade CBD Pen Flippable   

Vaping pens and all other types of vaping devices have become somewhat ubiquitous in the modern society. However, the best of the lot is separated from the others by its quality, performance and design. An amazing vaping pen is rated by the standard of its key components viz. the cartridge, the atomizer and the battery. Keto vape box battery CBD pen flippable is all about its portability and battery power. There are many competing flippable vaping pens in the market. So what stands Keto out from the others?


The Keto vape box battery CBD pen flippable is the excellent upgrade, to the BBTank key box battery, you have been waiting for. It is powered by a 400mAh lithium-ion miniature battery which is just under 7.5cm in size. The battery can sustain regular usage for days before dying out eventually.

The Keto vape box battery is an original concealment battery which is designed to look like a fancy car key. The small size and its deceptive look make this flappable pen perfect for discreet usage by those who do not wish to be so identified with vaping.

The Keto vape box battery comes with a cartridge which contains a small oil tank. However, its 510 threaded connections allows you to replace the cartridge with any other cartridge with a larger tank. It matches with both metal and ceramic cartridges and it works perfectly with oil or wax. It also comes with a preheating option which is good news for anyone who prefers vaping thick oils.

With the Keto vape box battery, you have greater control over the quality of your vapour as the vaping pen has 3 adjustable voltage levels.

The Keto vape box battery has a very solid build and effective design such that the cartridge does not protrude when not in use as it folds in nicely upon a single button press. Additionally, it offers users flexibility in that you do not have to keep a cable around as the device comes with a charging cable and USB plug.

Keto Review:An Upgrade CBD Pen Flippable

Easy To Use

The Keto vape box battery is portable and very handy. Not only that, it is very user friendly. When not in use, the cartridge folds in properly leaving the car key looking vaper to fit perfectly in your palm or pocket. To use the device, simply press the button on the side and the cartridge will flip out just like modern car keys do. Then press the power button rapidly 3 times to turn it on. You can also press the button and hold it down for a long time to preheat the cartridge for 15 seconds.

Keto Review:An Upgrade CBD Pen Flippable

Voltage Control

The Keto vape box battery provides 3 adjustable voltages levels of; 3.6V, 3.8V and 4.0V which allows you to adjust to and control the taste of your vapor to suit your choice. The preheat option also allows you to get the best flavor out of your thick oil or wax.

Keto Review:An Upgrade CBD Pen Flippable

Features and Details

●It has the universal 510 threading.
●Voltage regulation up to 3 levels.
●Portable and flippable with key like appearance.
●Preheating options (15 seconds).
●400mAh lithium-ion battery.
●Dimension – 74x34x20mm.
●Micro USB charger (built in).

Complete Flippable Vape Pen Package

●Keto vape box battery x1 piece.
●Micro USB charging cable x1 piece.
●Package box x1 piece.


Our verdict is that the Keto vape box battery with the Keto pen flips clearly offers loads of advantage to users in terms of battery lifespan, delectable design, durability, wide option of cartridges and oils as well as adjustable voltage. On the other hand though, it is a bit pricey, regardless of the interesting and exciting features.