How Much Herb Does Your Vape Bowl Hold   

As it was in the era of traditional smoking, when the size of your blunt determined its longevity and your level of satisfaction, so it is in the modern era of vaping. The bigger the load your vape bowl can carry in its chamber, the longer your vaping experience and hopefully the more satisfaction you are likely to derive from vaping. Different dry herb vaporizers will hold different amounts of herbs. Obviously, the smaller the weed vape pen, the less amount of herbs it can load. Still, the question begging to be answered much herb does the vape bowl of vaporizers hold?

Desktop Vaporizer

While a desktop vaporizer lacks the mobility and stealth of a portable vaporizer, it guarantees you the best quality vapour with up to 95% THC as confirmed by various tests. Desktop vaporizers come with very powerful features that are not always available in portable vaporizers and weed vape pens.

The desktop vaporizer is designed as a stationary powerhouse and it is usually equipped with a bigger vape bowl that can hold more dry herbs than your average portable vape pen. If your desktop vape device comes with a smaller vape bowl, there is also the option of a balloon bag attachment which can produce as much vapor as a big cyclone vape bowl.

Suggested desktop vaporizing device:
Volcano: comes with a chamber that can hold as much as 2g of dry herbs
Arizer Extreme-Q: is capable on holding about 1.5g of dry herbs
Vapir Rise 2.0: hold 1.5g of dry herbs in its chamber.

Arizer Extreme-Q

(Arizer Extreme-Q)

Portable Vaporizer

Portable vaporizers are designed primarily for mobility and therefore have a smaller vape bowl when compared to desktop vaporizers. They are also meant to be lightweight, portable and to provide easy, ergonomic handling. You should be able to slip the pen discreetly in your pocket or handbag without causing a stir or attracting undue attention to yourself. For these reasons manufacturers of portable vaporizer pens are particular about the overall weight of their device once filled with finely grind herbs, wax or liquid.

They look at the impact a certain quantity of herbs will have on the portability and handling of the pens while still considering the satisfaction users can derive from using the device. Resultantly, the portable type vaporizers are fitted with smaller vape bowl. The boldest designs come with a vape bowl that can load up to 0.5 grams of dry herbs depending on the grind and nice tight packing.

Three suggested portable vaporizer:
Pax 3, which has a chamber that can hold between 0.3 and 0.4g of dry herbs
Firefly 2, which holds up to 0.4g
AirVape Xs, whose chamber can hold as much as 0.2g of dry herbs.


Weed Vape Pen

The traditional way of smoking weed is to crumble dry cannabis and roll up a joint. However, times are changing and today more people are vaping their weed instead of smoking it. There are three ways that weed can be vaped, the first is by putting crumbled dry cannabis in the vape bowl of a vaporizer device and vaping it. The second way is to use a wax concentrate made mainly from cannabis and placed in a vaping bowl like the dry crumbled cannabis.

For the third way of vaping weed, the cannabis is liquified (like an e-liquid) and may come in a refillable and detachable tank. This tank is then fitted in your vaping device and once you set the temperature right, you will be able to vaporize the liquid cannabis and enjoy a memorable vaping experience. With three different ways of vaping weed, you also have different types of devices.

For example, the vape bowl for a dry weed vape pen may not be useful for liquified cannabis and likewise you cannot use wax in an atomizer made for liquid. The liquified cannabis may be contained in a 1.5ml to 1.7ml tank while the quantity of dry weed like other dry herbs may be as much as 0.5 grams in the vape bowl of your vaporizer device.

Suggested weed vape pen:
KandyPens K-Vape, has a chamber that can hold up to 0.5g of dry weed.

And Atmos Jump, can hold between 0.2 and 0.3g of cannabis.

Atmos Jump

In Closing,

It's only normal that the vape bowl of desktop vaporizers can hold more quantity of dry herbs than both the portable and weed pens. This is because of its robust design, size and functions. Desktop vaporizers even come with multi-user functions with as many as four individuals using it at the same time. The Vapir Rise 2.0 for example has a multi-user adaptor that allows you to connect four hoses at the same time to give you a sort of “hookah type vape”.