Herbva x is a 3-in-1 vaporizer that can be used to vape wax, thick oil and dry herb using the latest technology.

Herbva x is a baking dry herb vaporizer best that can be used to vaporize thick oil, dry herbs or wax since it comes with three bullets. It uses the latest vaping technology that ensures soft pulls. This dry vaporizer pen can be matched with a bubbler, which is a plus for many users.

Notable features
Glass mouthpiece: The mouth piece of this dry vaporizer is made of glass and therefore, healthier. It can be used with all bubblers without requiring an additional adaptor.
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    Long life battery: The 2200am lithium battery ensures the dry bud vaporizer servers for long without the need to charge.
Temperature control: The five preset temperatures of 375, 390,405, 420, or 435 give one the option to choose the preferred temperature.
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Extra bullets: The dry vaporizer pen has 3 extra bullets, one for vaping dry herbs, one for thick oil and one for wax.
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    Portable: The dry bud vaporizer is ultra-compact with lightweight, which makes it easy to carry.
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    Fast heating: It heats up in 20 seconds.
Large ceramic chamber: Has a hardened ceramic heating chamber. The product can be loaded directly into the dry chamber vaporizer to vaporize.
Interchangeable bullet technology: With this technology, each bullet can be preloaded with the chosen selection of substance to vaporize. The dry herb bullet can be packed with the herb in advance and used on the go.

Herbva X is an easy use dry vaporizer given its sleek design and compact nature. It has a simple interface with buttons that you can press to start vaporizing.
Make sure it is fully charged before you start using it.
This dry herb vaporizer box is definitely easy to use given that it has a 510-threaded mouth piece that connects quickly with the bullet to vaporize.
Loading the bullets in this dry herb vaporizer atomizer is easy since you need to remove the glass mouthpiece then load the bullets with your choice of substance. Return the mouthpiece and choose the preferred temperature. You then add the bubbler to make your vaporizing experience smooth.
The good thing is that you can preload the dry herbs into the vaporizer and use it later on the go.
You can use the dry herb vaporizer with wax, dry herb and thick oil.

Vapor production
The dry vaporizer pen produces tasty hits due to its ceramic chamber that ensures great flavor and uniform vaporization.
You have the option of choosing different temperatures that will ensure you get a seamless and fast vaping with cool and smoother hits.
This dry vape e cig produces an impressive vapor even with its compact design. It surprisingly has delicious and smooth hits.
The glass mouthpiece ensures low draw resistance and therefore, easy to inhale.
Ensure you use well-ground herbs, fine wax and oil to get the best hits.

Herbva X comes in black, red and white. It is compact and lightweight making it easy to carry. The vaporizer is designed like a dry pen.
The bubbler attaches itself easily to this dry herb vaporizer atomizer. The glass mouthpiece is outstanding since it is made of glass, and therefore, healthier and can be used with all types of bubblers without the need of an adaptor. It is also easy to load and remove bullets from the mouthpiece section.
It is easy to remove and attach the mouthpiece from the chamber.
The dry vape e cig comes with additional bullets for wax, thick oil and dry herbs so you can refill them in advance and you don’t spend extra to purchase them.
The hardened ceramic heating chamber is large enough to accommodate enough vaporizing substance.

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Once you order Herbva X, you get the dry herb vaporizer, a carry bag, a USB charging cable, a dab tool, a cleaning brush, a gift box, a user manual, silicone rings and three bullets.
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The dry herb vape operates smoothly. It loads the substance easily; the ceramic chamber ensures uniform vaporization and great flavor.
Using this dry blend vaporizer is healthy given its glass mouthpiece.
The Herbva x is compact, well-designed, easy to use, dry herb vaporizer, that uses the latest technology to ensure seamless performance. It produces smooth hits and fast.