Cigarette smoking is dangerous for your health! This was the clarion call that led to the invention of a more innovative and safer way to satisfy that somewhat insatiable craving for substance inhalation - step in CBD vape pen mods. While the days of filling your lungs with unhealthy nicotine may be long behind you, the age old problem of deciding which brand of cigarette to smoke has been replaced by the decision of which CBD vaporizer pen to buy.  

CBD for anyone not familiar with the term is an acronym for Cannabinoids. It is known that 85 cannabinoids can be extracts from cannabis and these can be used as the active ingredient in the making of an e-liquid or if you like vape juice. This “juice” will be vaporized or vaped at temperatures of between 160 to 180 °C or 320 to 356 °F, which are high temperatures nearing the boiling point for CBD before they can be inhaled. However, what most people don't know is that the vape juice for CBD vape pen mods are not necessarily extracted from marijuana or cannabis. They are more often extracted from industrial hemp that contains less than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and which is absolutely legal in the United States of America.

Research has even proven that CBD has anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective and even analgesic or pain relieving properties. It is known to be effective in the treatment of psychological issues like anxiety, depression and even addiction to nicotine and other neurotic substances. This makes CBD vape pen mods a healthy and beneficial habit.

Take Your Pick From The Best CBD Vape Pen Mods Available
Five of the CBD vape pen mods available in the market are highlighted below. You can check out their product description, features, components and prices to help you decide on which product to buy.

Cost: From $9.06.

CBD vape pen mods

If you are looking to buy one of the best CBD vape pen mods available then one you should seriously consider is Mystica by Airistech. This is an inexpensive device which uses a refillable attachment that is included in the starter kit. This product is also compatible with many pre-fill attachments available. If you were once a cigarette smoker and you liked having a cigarette lighter in your pocket, then you would love this device. This is one of those CBD vape pen mods that can be conveniently carried about. It is a 2.5 inches long, lightweight and its weight is comparable to a regular cigarette lighter.

In the starter kit you have a refillable cartridge with a capacity of 0.8mL of CBD oil. This is one of those CBD vape pen mods whose cartridge can be removed. Mystica vaporizer also has an airflow channel located at the bottom of its leak proof design. It also comes with a durable 650mAh lithium-ion battery with a blue LED battery life indicator.

Apart from the 650mAh battery and 0.8mL capacity cartridge each Mystica product consists of the following items;
1. 2 Magnetic Adapter Rings (1 Pre-installed).
2. A 360 degree leak proof structural design.
3. A magnetic connection adapter.
4. A USB charger.

Cost: Available for $11.8.

CBD vaporizer pen

If you are looking for a slightly more expensive vaporizer device, then one of the CBD vape pen mods you can go for is Nero Mini Box. This is a Cannabis Oil Vaporizer designed specially for cannabis oil. It is small and very discrete, it has 510 threading magnets and it is also made for disposable CBD or Thick Oil Tanks such as Platinum vape and O-pen. A pack comes with a single 0.5mL ceramic based coil atomizer, a single USB charger and one Nero Mini VV battery.

Price: $16.90.

CBD vaporizer pen starter kit

The first thing that will pique your interest with this product is its special design. This CBD Oil Pen Kit by Kangvape has three different voltage settings that include 3.4v, 3.7v and 4.0v. The CBD vaporizer battery of this unit has a capacity of 650mAh while it's tank capacity is 0.5mL.

There is a magnetic connector that will lock the atomizer once it's properly inserted. One great thing about this device is that it is compatible with a number of CBD vape cartridges. This vaporizer pen is made from solid aluminium and also comes in a number of attractive colors such as Gold, Red, Black, Blue and Silver.

Cost: Starting from $23.

CBD vaporizer battery

Yocan Hive CBD vaporizer pen has a zero leakage structural design. It can conveniently be used with vape juice, concentrates or CBD oil. There is a non-removable 650mAh internal battery available and a USB charging port in the Yocan 2.0 Box Mod. This is also a lightweight and portable device. It is a discreet all-in-one (AIO) device that is connected by magnetic connection with an adjustable voltage.

Yocan Hive comes in a variety of colours such as Gold, Silver, Black, Red and Blue. Each of the Yocan Hive package is also equipped with one Juice Atomizer, one Connector, a Concentrated Atomizer, one Pick Tool, a single USB cable and a User Manual.

Cost: Get one for $23.69.

CBD vape cartridges

If you are a newbie to the world of vaping and you are looking to buy unique CBD vape pen mods, you should seriously consider getting yourself an Itsuwa Amigo Mini Vape CBD Pen. It is an all-in-one single button operating unit with a decent tank system. The tank comes with a magnetic bottom cap which makes threading the tank into the unit very easy.

In an Amigo Amigo Mini Vape CBD Pen you have one Mini 2N1 Mod which comes with a 10000mAh, 16400 internal battery. The pack also has a Liberty CBD tank with a capacity of 1.0mL. This unit is ideal for CO2, THC and CBD oil, it has a 1.6ohm dual coil with a power output of 30W and it is available in a variety of colors (such as deep green, light blue or black). Users can expect to find one USB charging cable and a User Manual in the package as well.

To Sum Up;
The five CBD vape pen mods in this article are all durable. These devices can be considered as the ideal vaporizer pens for vapers to get. They are easy to use as seen in their simplistic User Manuals with DIY instructions that any self respecting vaper can understand and implement. Apart from being available on the Internet, you can walk into most vape pen shops in your city to buy or order for one.