Cancer: Can Cannabis Really Cure It

Oh No I Have Cancer!

Getting that dreaded report from your GP can be devastating. No one wants to hear they have that six letter word. The thought of receiving chemotherapy and radiation treatment as well as the aftermath of such a treatment is something most people are weary of. While the word - Cancer is a generic term used to describe any unusually growth or mutation of cells in the body which may either be benign or malignant. Malignant cancer is what everyone should be scared of, because of its high mortality rate.

There has been an alarming rise in the number of malignant cancer cases globally in the last 30 years. What has been even more worrying is the rising number of cancer cases involving children. With no patented cure for cancer available, patients and doctors have relied on a combination of treatment to try to kill cancer cells and stop them from spreading.

Patients are usually made to take a cocktail of drugs with some having really nasty side effects like constant nausea, frequent vomiting, hair loss, urinary/bowel incontinence and so on. The lack of a conventional "cure" for cancer has led a lot of people to seek alternative remedies to cure their ailment. Some of these alternative remedies border on incredible to darn-right ludicrous. However, one interesting alternative remedy being sort by sufferers of cancer is the use of cannabis and there is a good number of people who believe that cannabis cures cancer.

...but Can Cannabis Cure Cancer?

There is a school of thought that suggest that cannabis cures cancer while there is another group that are of the opinion that the use of medicinal cannabis is a good option for alleviating some of the symptoms of cancer but they don't believe cannabis can cure cancer. Cannabis or popularly known as marijuana is a green leaf herb that can be found in the subtropical and tropical regions of the world. It contains some chemical compounds that have proven to be useful to both conventional and alternative medicine.

One of these compounds is Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. As a matter of fact THC has been synthesised (dronabinol) and used for the treatment of the effects of radiation and chemotherapy treatment. However, the age old question of can cannabis cure cancer? is still going to linger on until there is sufficient evidence to prove in favour of or against the herb.

Cannabis Cures Cancer School Of Thought

If you go to a search engine on the internet and browse for claims from sufferers of cancer that were completely healed of their ailment with the use of medicinal cannabis, you will get quite a number of interesting hits. Some people have claimed to have been completely healed of their stage 4 cancer with the primary use of cannabis.

The Case Of Lynn Cameron

The case of Lynn Cameron from Scotland is a classic argument for those who believe cannabis is the solutions to cancer. Lynn was diagnosed with stage 4 brain tumor in 2013 and was told that she had just 6 months to live. With conventional medication involving chemotherapy, radiation treatment and surgery proving futile, she made a conscious effort to use cannabis oil as a last resort and “miraculously” she was healed of cancer.

She began by consuming cannabis oil by placing it under her tongue and MRI scans showed significant and medically impossible improvements. By the time she had her sixth MRI scan the cancer had completely gone. The case of Lynn Cameron is well documented in the world of medical science and has astounded doctors.

While this is one incredible example of how cannabis oil cured brain tumor and it is backed by medical science. It will still be viewed as an “extraordinary” and “unexplainable” isolated case. This is because officially the use of cannabis is illegal in most places making it difficult for users to come out openly and for proper clinical trials to be conducted. Even Lynn Cameron herself admitted that initially she was scared of using it, but her survival instincts soon took over.

Cannabis Helps To Alleviate Some Symptoms Of Cancer And Some Of The Effects Of Cancer Treatment

The second school of thought is not an isolated one, but actually has the support of both alternative and conventional medical practitioners. This school of thought believe that cannabis may indeed provide some relief for sufferers of cancer.

They claim that there have been research to prove that medicinal cannabis use during chemotherapy treatment can help patients gain relief from some of the effects of treatment. Some of these effects/symptoms of chemotherapy treatment that cannabis has been proven to be an effective elixir to provide some relief include;

- nausea and vomiting.

- persistent headaches and pains.

- apathy and tiredness.

- a loss of appetite.

- anxiety.

Cannabis can be consumed in a number of ways and the use of a CBD vaporizer pen is one way. The cbd oil effects on the body can be really beneficial because of the THC compound present which has both analgesic and psychoactive properties that have been proven by medical science to be useful in the treatment of cancer amongst other ailments. However, cbd oil cancer treatment is still being researched and cannot be said be be an affirmative cure for cancer.

In Closing

No one can categorically say that cannabis cures cancer because there is not enough research, data and facts to prove that this is the case in point. While there are exceptiomal and truly inspirational cases like Lynn Cameron, it will be hard to say that anyone with brain tumor can be cured if they take cannabis oil.

What is absolutely certain is that cannabis is useful in the treatment of cancer and this may be in isolation or in combination with conventional medication as it can provide needed relief from the harsh effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatment. What is certain is that the argument of whether cannabis cures cancer or not looks set to continue for a long time.