Airis MW is a 2 in 1 vape pen kit for  CBD oil and thick oil. It is an pods pen with 350 mAh Battery capacity and comes in multiple colors.
Airis MW is 2 in 1 the perfect pocket size Cbd and wax vaporizer pen that guarantees you great performance and allows you to use either concentrated contents or E-liquids. In short, this vape pod is a multi-functional pen that can use the e-liquids or the concentrated ingredients. The best thing about the Airis MW vape pen is that it comes with a unique warranty feature that covers you from damage expenses. This 2 in 1 vaporizer pen comes with a three months warranty for the atomizer and six months battery warranty. Sounds awesome right? It also comes with a plug connection system that makes it easy to use by simply pushing in and out and it is conveniently portable.

·2 in 1 wax and Cbd vaporizer has 350 mAh Li-polymer rechargeable battery – this gives you ample time power to run your session for long hours. This will prevent you from having to charge midday since it will take you all day long with no hustles.
·Double tank– it comes with two separate tanks. One for using the e-liquid and the other for using other dry contents. Each of the tanks has a capacity of 0.8. In case they empty up, cbd vape pens refills can be done for each tank. Refilling is an easy task, since you are just required to remove the tank from the pen, locate the hole and refill your best vaping content inside. Ensure you do not fill it to the brim to avoid spillage.
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·Ocell heating technology – you will get your vaping session up and running in a matter of seconds. Its overall heating speed is just under 15 seconds and you will be sure to have a smooth vaping session. The technology makes heating faster and gives you a good absorption rate.

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·USB port and cable– it comes with a USB charging cable for charging the wax vaporizer battery.

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Design and Color
In terms of the design, the vapor comes in a sleek pen-like and compact casing that offers good grip during vaping. Airis MW is made from a silicon metal plastic glass that gives it a sturdy feel. In general, general, it has very simple interface making it very user friendly vape pod pen. Airis MW has extremely good and functional cbd vape cartridge that makes it easy to refill the vape pen once it is empty. Also the general design makes the cbd vape pen disposable as several parts can be removed and inserted back easily. For those who love colors, you will not have to worry since it comes in three different colors black, silver and red. Depending on your outfit you can choose the color that matches well.

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When purchasing this vaporizer it will come in a complete package with all the necessary accessories wrapped up in a neatly designed wax vaporizer pen kit. The accessories include a battery, cbd tank, e-liquid tank, USB charging cable, Dab tool, user manual and a gift box. Any e-vaporizer wax disposable parts should be immediately discarded in case of being damaged severely to avoid injuries. Overall, this multi-function vaporizer pen comes at a very fair price and one you will not resist purchasing.
The Airis MW is truly remarkable cbd vape mod that has all the striking features, which are coupled with easy customization and elegant design. Anyone who desires a good vaping time with friends and family then the Airis MW is one of the wax herb vaporizer pens you should get right away. In a nutshell,  this wax vaporizer pen for cheap offers an unrivaled experience when it comes to vaping both in terms of functionality and pricing.

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