1. Looking for a Dependable Dab or Wax Pen? Top Five Listed Below for Your Convenience

    Dabbing and vaping wax is somewhat of a new phenomenon in the smoking world; especially being that there are now dab rigs out there like you would not believe. For more of a concentrate vaporizer type, it is important to distinguish between which dab pen is going to be worth your time, and which ones fell by the wayside during our review process due to disappointing features.

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  2. The Best Handheld Dry Herb Vaporizers of 2018

    Searching for a dry herb vape?you of course want one that not only works, but works well. There is a wide variety of vape pens on the market today, and it is helpful to know what to look for in a quality vape pen so that your money is not simply being thrown away so to speak. Hopefully if you need help distinguishing between good and bad dry herb vaporizers, this article will help guide you in the right direction—depending on what you are looking for of course.

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  3. Atlas Premium Wax Vape Pen Review: A must have vaporizer of 2018

    This is the must have vaporizer of 2018. And there is very good reasoning behind this well-earned title, as it puts other vaporizers to shame. This is a dependable piece that you can take everywhere you go with no problems, whether you are carrying a bag/purse that day. One of the absolute best things about it is that it is extremely portable and never weighs you down when you are out and about. It is additionally so easy to load up and share that and will become one of your friends’ favorite pieces as well. Therefore, it is a great vaporizer you can bring to parties, get togethers, and even any lunches/dinners—this thing is truly that discreet and portable!

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  4. Best dry vaporizer under $20 in 2018

    dry herb pen

    The Airis Herbva 5G vaporizer is the smallest dry vaporizer. Likewise, with any dry herb vaporizer, we prescribe that you crush your herb decently finely before vaping.

    You likewise need to ensure that you don't over pack the warming chamber. For the versatile vape pen to work legitimately, the hot air must have the capacity to circle the dry herbs. This implies you need even estimated piece drops and an inexactly stuffed warming chamber.

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