1. Airis 8 mini dab rig: Dual Function, Variable Voltage and Portable

     Airis 8 mini dab rig is a classy and portable pocket-size Wax based vaporizer pen. It is the all premium vaporizer that will give you that nice vaping session you have always desired.
    The Airis 8 mini dab rig comes with very nice and amazing features that will completely blow your mind. These include a fully fitted atomizer and it heats pretty much fast making you not wait for long. In short, it is prepared to vape in a matter of seconds while giving you the cleanest and purest vape taste making it a very good e wax vaporizer. It is the latest ultra-compact portable Wax vaporizer pen on the market.

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  2. April Vaporizer Spotlight - Wax, Dry Herb And Oil

    Vaporizing has revolutionized, and now we have portable, fast and powerful vaporizers. These 6 vape pens are compatible with wax, oil and dry herb or all three.
    In this article, I am talking about the 6 most popular and effective vaporizer that already boom in the market. They feature large chambers that ensure that you can vape for longer without refilling as well as long lasting batteries.

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  3. Nero Mini CBD Vape Pen Vaporizer: Cannabis Oil, Preheat Function and Variable Voltage Comparable

    Nero Mini vaporizer is a classy and elegant looking cbd vape pen vaporizer that will definitely set you on the path of fun vaping sessions. Nero Mini Vape cbd pen comes in a small and discreet design that makes it a very portable device.  It also comes with 510 threading magnets in its well-built magnetic connector. If you are the one mesmerized by colors, then you are sorted.

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  4. Henruitech Velax X6: Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit With A Magnet Connect Bottom

    What stands  Velax X6 dry herb vaporizer kit out from the rest is its bottom fill chamber design. The dry leaf vape pen is also a dry glass vaporizer device having smart Air Path Structures and a pure ceramic heating chamber.
    You also have a device with an OLED screen which shows the temperature readings. The temperature range of this dry chamber vaporizer is 300 to 435°F or 149 to 224°C. For the battery of this device you have a fast charging non-replaceable 2200 mAh capacity Li-battery. If you want a dry vaporizer with rapid charging, then the Velax X6 dry herb vaporizer kit should do just fine.

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  5. S6 Herbal Vaporizer: A Bottom Fill Pen With 360° Rotation Mouthpiece

    S6 Herbal Vaporizer is set to change the way vapers go about vaping. It is lightweight and can easily be moved about without being noticed. This is ideal if you want to vape at a convenient time when on-the-go. With a mouthpiece that can be rotated at a 360 degree, using this device is easier than some other similar vaporizer.

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  6. The Fashionable Rocksinn H2 Dry Vaporizer Kit For The Sophisticated Vaper

    Rocksinn H2 Dry Vaporizer Kit is not designed to spray pepper or electrocute anyone, but rather to enable vapers to vaporize dry herbs for effective inhalation. This dry herb vape unit comes with a food grade mouthpiece meaning that its mouthpiece is made from hygienic and non-toxic material. You also get a Pure Ceramic Heating Chamber with this e cig dry herb vaporizer.

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  7. The Great Debate! Which Is Better Anlerr Homles Or Seego SG-001 Electronic Tobacco Smoking Pipe?

    This article will attempt to compare two hugely popular and greatly demanded electronic smoking pipe tobacco for beginners. The image of a pipe smoking gentleman from the ‘60s is making a huge comeback this spring with the Anlerr Holmes electronic smoking pipe tobacco device. The Seego SG-001 smoking pipe tobacco unit is one of the most sort after vaporizers around.

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  8. CBD Vape Pen Mods To Savour!

    While the days of filling your lungs with unhealthy nicotine may be long behind you, the age old problem of deciding which brand of cigarette to smoke has been replaced by the decision of which CBD vaporizer pen to buy. 
    The five CBD vape pen mods in this article are all durable. These devices can be considered as the ideal vaporizer pens for vapers to get.
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  9. Pod Vape Pen Kit Airis MW Review: Original 2 in 1 MW

    Airis MW is a 2 in 1 vape pen kit for  CBD oil and thick oil. It is an pods pen with 350 mAh Battery capacity and comes in multiple colors.
    Airis MW is 2 in 1 the perfect pocket size Cbd and wax vaporizer pen that guarantees you great performance and allows you to use either concentrated contents or E-liquids. In short, this vape pod is a multi-functional pen that can use the e-liquids or the concentrated ingredients.

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  10. Herbva X Review: Wax, Thick oil and Herbal Portable Vape Pen

    Herbva x is a 3-in-1 vaporizer that can be used to vape wax, thick oil and dry herb using the latest technology.
    Herbva x is a baking dry herb vaporizer best that can be used to vaporize thick oil, dry herbs or wax since it comes with three bullets. It uses the latest vaping technology that ensures soft pulls. This dry vaporizer pen can be matched with a bubbler, which is a plus for many users.

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