1. Portable Dry Herb Vape Pen Review: Flowermate Aura Orbed

    The Pen Is Mightier…

    Flowermate Aura Orbed portable dry herb vape pen

    If you were not told what the Flowermate Aura was, you could easily mistake it for an exotic perfume brand. This is just how stylish this portable dry herb vape pen is. It is a perfect companion for classy ladies who see an accessory in every device. The Aura is a sleek, lightweight and portable vaporizer for dry herb.
    It is discreet enough to blend unnoticed in a

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  2. What A Man Can Do A Woman Can Herbal Vape Better!

    Since the world of herbal vaping took off to a bang, there has been a shift from the norm that using herbal vaporizer units and vaping is an exclusive recreation for men. This is just not true, as lots of women are vaping today and the number keeps rising daily. So much so that major vaporizer manufacturers have rethought their marketing drive to focus more on satisfying an ever growing female clientele.

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  3. Mother's Day Vaporizer Pen To Indulge In

    Spoil yourself this Mother's Day by indulging a bit in some vaping. If you want to buy a vaporizer pen this May, you might want to consider the following variety of vaping products. Pick one of them as gift for your mom/ your wife/ yourself, free shipping will be available for order above $30 from May 5th to May 12th.

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  4. May VAPORIZER SPOTLIGHT - Dry Herb, Concentrates And HNB Products

    This May you might want to spend your free time enjoying the pure taste of vaporized dry herb, concentrates or even heat not burn products. If this is the case then getting a vaporizer that is ideal for your needs should be your number one priority. In this review there are eleven vaporizer devices that you could consider choosing from. Each product has its own unique quality, design and features. Whether you prefer a dry leaf vape pen, a wax dab vape pen or even heat not burn products. There is a vaporizer device highlighted and reviewed to meet your preference.

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  5. Rocksinn H2 Dry Vaporizer Kit V Airis Nokiva Dry Herb Vaporizer

    If you are about deciding on which dry leaf vape pen to purchase this summer, hold on for a second and take time out to read this review of two really cool dry herb vaporizer devices that should get you all excited. These two products under review are the Rocksinn H2 Dry Vaporizer Kit and the Airis Nokiva Dry Herb Vaporizer for Sale. Both are loose leaf vaporizer units that are used for vaping your dry herb of choice. You can expect similarities in these dry bud vaporizer products as well as some real differences as well.

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  6. Pamper Yourself A Little With The Best CBD Cartridges Available In The Market

    You can't have a CBD vape pen kit without a decent CBD cartridge. However, choosing a CBD cartridge that will offer you the highest quality in both the short and long term is very important. If you want to buy CBD cartridge that will get the very best out of your CBD vaporizer pen, then this article is for you.There are four CBD oil cartridges that will be reviewed in this article. Some critical points will be examined with product comparisons made where necessary. You ultimately need to make that all important decision on which CBD cartridge to buy, so choose wisely by considering the points raised in this article.

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  7. Comparing Two Top Notch Hash Vaporizers

    With a hash vaporizer you can vaporize concentrates. These concentrates are heated up at the right temperature by a coil in your preferred shatter vape pen and then vaporized. There are usually two different types of hash vaporizer devices based on how the concentrates are administered in the device. The first involves the use of a concentrate swabbed cotton ball that is inserted in the device while the second involves the use of a dab tool similar to a Q-tip that is used to dab concentrate directly onto the coil of the shatter vape pen.

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  8. Heat-Not-Burning Products To Check Out Today

    Heat-Not-Burning Products are now in vogue around the world. They are used to vaporize tobacco herbs. Below is a review of four heated tobacco products. The review includes a brief description of each device looking at their features and the accessories included in a standard package. The prices of these HNB products are also shown in the review below.

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  9. The Long Lasting Batteries Of The Slim Vape Pen Series

    If you have bought any one of the slim vape pens available in the market you can attest to their compactness and portability. However, one thing you might not have given too much thought to is the vape pen battery of the slim vape device in your possession. As slim as the CBD vape pen is, so also is its battery. The the slim vape pen series are replaceable and can be bought in any vape shop or online. Here is a review of three of the best vape pen battery for sale currently available in the market.

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  10. CBD Vape Pen Kit Review: The Slim Vape Pen Series

    In this cbd vape pen kit review we will examine five products from the slim vape pen series describing these products, looking at their key features, their accessories and also their prices. These five products offer CBD vape pen best value to users, but pointing out their unique features will go a long way to helping you decide on which CBD vape pen  kit to buy. 

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