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  1. Why Cannabis Concentrates Are Edging Weed Flower In Demand

    An increasing number of these consumers appear to be switching from weed flower to Cannabis Concentrates. Riding on the back of the recent wave of legalization of marijuana use in many states in the U.S, the sale of Cannabis Concentrates has risen by more than 50 times over such a short period of time.While overall sales records has been good for the generality of cannabis traders, there has been a significant decline in market share of weed flower at the same time. 

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  2. Medical Cannabis Reciprocity Is Catching On In The US

    The mutual exchange of goods, services, rights, privileges and obligation is known as “Reciprocity”. In relation to medical cannabis, medical marijuana  patients can now visit medical marijuana  states without giving up on their medication or getting caught up in travel-related legal issues as long as they visit with all the necessary documentation which includes the medical marijuana card. Understanding the laws of these medical marijuana  states will help out-of-state medical cannabis patients avoid legal hitches when they visit these states. 

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  3. Smoking Cannabis vs Vaporizing Cannabis

    When comparing vaping vs smoking weed, there are a lot of reasons to switch over from traditional smoking to vaping but they’re hard to see when confronted with a high startup cost. However, over time, it actually saves you money and the more upscale vapers are more capable of working to your benefit. If smoking weed can be likened to analogue TV, then vaping marijuana must be the digital broadcasting world of deriving pleasure from the cannabis herb.

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  4. The Best Way To Store Dabs

    Understanding your dabs and its make up goes a long way in aiding your knowledge of how to store dabs for a considerable period of time without losing its potency and integrity. Many consumers are now finding innovative ways to keep their dabs store potent for an extended period of time. There are best ways to store dabs in this article to avoid losing both your dabs and the money spent in buying them.

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